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Car sharing a success on Twin Cities streets

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MINNEAPOLIS – By bus, or train, even bicycle, transportation in the Twin Cities has dramatically changed in the last decade and thanks to car sharing programs, those without vehicles are finding it even easier to be car-free.

“Car sharing to me is another one of those pieces that fills in the picture of living car free in Minnesota,” said Hour Car customer Nick Rosencrans.

Rosencrans is one of 2,000 members of Twin Cities based Hour Car, they all share 57 vehicles which are strategically placed in both Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Members pay per drive, whether it’s to a doctor’s appointment, trip to the grocery store or on a date.

“We see a lot of night and weekend usage so it’s people who want to go out for the evening and maybe out later than transit runs or maybe going somewhere where transit isn’t convenient,” explained Hour Car’s Christopher Bineham.

The cost depends on how often you drive the vehicle.
For the casual user, using the car several times a month, there is a $5 per month membership fee, an $8 charge per hour, along with an additional per mileage cost of 25 cents.

“When we started they said we were crazy and over the last 8 years what we’ve proven is there is a market in the Twin Cities for this type of option,” explained Bineham.

Thanks to the success of Hour Car, along with its competitor ZipCar, Car2Go is set to hit the Minneapolis market September 14th.

All give car share members the chance to drive around in something new without the high price tag attached.