HOURCAR Moving Around

We do our best to keep our fleet as balanced as possible and as accessible to as many of our members as possible. That sometimes means we need to move or close hubs or swap vehicles around.

We recently did a couple of surveys on what types of vehicles you, our members, would like to see added to our fleet and what potentially new locations you would like to see the cars located. Unfortunately we can’t make big announcements about a bevy of new cars and locations yet, but we can announce a couple of upcoming changes.

First, we will be moving the car at the Seward Co-op Creamery lot to the parking lot of the Seward Co-op itself. The HOURCAR will be located in the northwest corner of the Co-op parking lot, right at the corner of E Franklin Ave and S 28th Ave. The yellow star on the image below indicates where the new hub will be located. This change is taking place the morning of Friday, April 20th. The car should be available by noon.

Secondly, we will be swapping the Honda Fit at the Syndicate & University hub with the Toyota Tacoma truck at the Lawson Ramp hub on Monday, April 23rd. Because of this change the truck is now part of our Increased Access Hubs program!

We are always interested in thoughts and ideas about how HOURCAR can continue to improve our service both for the community as a whole but for each of our individual members, within reason, of course ;).