Introducing HOURCAR Punchcard

HOURCAR is excited to announce the launch of the HOURCAR Punchcard Rewards program. Use an HOURCAR and get driving credit and other rewards. It’s simple. Sign up here!



  • You sign up.
  • You use HOURCAR.
  • You get driving credit!


For every 10 trips in an HOURCAR we will give you $10 in driving credit. When you get to 50 trips, we’ll give you $50, and when you reach 100 trips, we’ll give you $100 in driving credit. Then the process starts over. Use HOURCAR get free driving. Sign up now!

In addition to driving credit, HOURCAR Punchcard Members are eligible for additional benefits, rewards and drawings. In fact if you sign up today, we’ll enter you into a drawing for an Amazon Fire Tablet!*

HOURCAR Punchcard is 100% free for HOURCAR members, just sign up today! For details and questions, visit our new HOURCAR Punchcard page! It’s easy and quick to sign up, and you can start reaping the benefits today.

* See details at for all restrictions or for any questions. Amazon Fire drawing to take place on September 1st