We’re “Soul” Excited to Introduce Two New Cars!

You may recall that at the end of last year we conducted a survey to better understand what types of vehicles you, our members, wanted in the Hourcar Fleet. If you participated in this survey, we thank you for your feedback!  The results have been integral in our research for new vehicles to add to our fleet. Here are the key ideas we took away from the survey results: 

Cargo Room

  • Members like the cargo room in current vehicles, but they also want more versatile options
  • We need to account for a variety of cargo needs (groceries, furniture, etc) 

Fuel Efficiency

  • How do we provide adequate cargo room while maintaining great fuel efficiency? 

Good Visibility 

  • Minimal spots and higher seating position are preferred

Easy to use

  • Intuitive controls and interfaces


  • Bluetooth, back up cameras



We worked hard to take your input in to account, and as of today we are happy to introduce two new Kia Souls that are ready for reservations! The Kia Soul offers great cargo space, good fuel efficiency at 26 mpg city and 31 mpg highway, and an elevated seating position. Additionally, it’s easy to sync your cell phone via Bluetooth to the audio system, and we think you’ll enjoy the quiet, responsive ride.  

Hourcar 04, our red Kia Soul, is available for reservations at the 409 Marquette location in downtown Minneapolis. Hourcar 07, our Caribbean blue Kia Soul, is available at the Spruce Tree Center-Snelling and University location. Both cars are just steps away from the Metro Transit Light Rail stations. We welcome your feedback on the addition of these cars to our fleet. You can expect more new Hourcar vehicles in the coming months!