Tech Transition: Pricing Survey Results

We’ve got more details to share with you about our upcoming technology switch!  We announced in October that we will be switching to a new software provider in 2021, and as we move closer to the system switch, we’ll be reaching out more frequently (every 7-10 days) with information for you regarding our new software. All communications about the technology transition will include the header you see here.

We sent a survey to all current members in November asking about the value of HOURCAR membership. Thanks to everyone who took the time to share your thoughts and ideas with us! Based on your feedback, we will be implementing the following changes in the new software:

Introducing stopover pricing: prices will be set differently for time when the car is driving vs. when the car is parked and stationary

Simplified rate plans at better price points, including:

    • Lower hourly and daily rates
    • More miles included per trip
    • The option to purchase more miles per trip
    • All members will get their monthly membership fee matched back as driving credit

To make these changes possible, we need to make some modifications to our current service. We will be pausing Member Rewards from December through February. We’ll resume the Member Rewards program in March 2021, after the software transition is complete.

We will also be changing our membership and rate plan offerings within the new system in order to meet the structure of our new software. We’ll be reaching out to you soon about what this means for your membership. Please know that we value your membership and are working tirelessly to make sure that you get the best value possible.

In the meantime, we’re very excited to share some features that will become available with the launch of the new software:

– With our upcoming mobile app, you will be able make and change reservations, start and end trips, and modify your billing information from your phone

– You will be able to report new damage, dirty cars, etc. in the app at the start of each trip, including the ability to upload photos

This new technology represents a huge step forward for HOURCAR, and it will make our new one-way EV service possible! The one-way EV service will launch in summer of 2021 – if you’re interested in keeping up with EV service announcements, you can check for updates here.

We’ll be launching a centralized FAQ page for all HOURCAR technology updates so you can have all the information you need located in one place. Stay tuned for more information and a link to the FAQ page in the coming weeks!

Until then,

HOURCAR Member Services