Tech Transition: New Rate Plans


We’ve got more details to share about our upcoming new reservation and in-car technology! Feel free to read the last announcement here. Don’t forget to also check out the New Software FAQ page to help answer any questions you might have.


Technology Switch Timeline

Mark your calendars – from January 25th – February 1st, 2021, our entire fleet will be offline and unavailable for reservations and the office will be closed. January 24th will be the last day to use the old system, and we’ll be back online February 1st, 2021 on the new software!


We’ll be slowly converting cars to the new system starting in mid-January, so your favorite car may be less available than normal – don’t worry, it’s only temporary. Your membership fees for January will be waived to account for this.


If you have an upcoming reservation beyond February 1st, 2021, we will automatically transfer it to the new system for you.  You’ll still see the same familiar cars and hubs on the same round-trip model, but the registration software and in-car technology will be all new!


If you’d like to make a reservation in the new system for February 1st – 5th, 2021, please complete this quick form.  Reservations will be made on a first come, first serve basis. We’ll let you know if your reservation is unable to be scheduled.


Pre-Registering your Account

Stay tuned for the pre-registration window beginning January 18th – February 14th, 2021.


Rates and Billing

Earlier this year we sent out a survey about pricing and value as it relates to our members. We took your feedback into account as we created new plans for our new software system, and we’re excited to share some details about our new membership rates.


  • Try-It ($0 per month)– this will be our no-membership fee plan and the default plan if you do not select another rate. This is best for people trying HOURCAR for the first time and members who rarely take trips. If you’re driving regularly, you’ll get the most benefit on our Everyday or Adventure plans.
  • Everyday ($7 per month) and Everyday PLUS ($12 per month) – these will be the plans most of our members will choose. Our Everyday plan combines the best parts of our current Neighborhood and Voyager plans. You’ll get the benefit of included miles on every reservation, as well as a low hourly rate for driving time. The PLUS version of this plan includes Damage Fee Waiver coverage in the membership fee and additional lowered rates.
  • Student ($6 per month) and Student PLUS ($11 per month) – these are discounted rate plans available for student, faculty, and staff of an accredited university. You’ll get included miles on every reservation, as well as a discount on the hourly rate for driving time. The PLUS version of this plan includes Damage Fee Waiver coverage in the membership fee and additional lowered rates.
  • Adventure PLUS ($30 per month) – this plan is the answer for those who want to use HOURCAR for longer trips! You’ll get 300 miles included per reservation per day and discounted daily rates, making it easy to take a trip up north or visit friends out-of-state once it’s safe to gather again. For our 3-day maximum reservation time, you’ll get 900 miles included. We expect that most of our members will upgrade to this plan for the month they plan to travel, then switch back down to the Everyday rate for the next month. This plan includes Damage Fee Waiver coverage in the membership fee.


All plans will include two different hourly costs – one cost for when you are actively using the car, and a lower cost for when the car is turned off and on a stopover mode. For our membership fee plans, driving costs will be $6-7 per hour, and stopover costs will be $4 per hour.


It will be easy to switch between rate plans – you’ll no longer need to contact us to change your membership rate.


We’ll only be offering monthly billing options in our new software. We will be matching back your membership fee in driving credits each month as an extra perk. For those on a PLUS plan, your membership fee match back will not include the $5 Damage Fee Wavier cost, only the membership price.


We’ll be releasing more information about the details of these plans as we get closer to our pre-registration window, so stay tuned for more details!



We’re very excited about the changes coming, and the core of your membership is staying the same. You’ll still be able to call us 24/7 for help, reserve cars online or via phone, and access cars with your Metro Transit GoTo card, in addition to accessing them on the new app. The trips will still be on our same cars at the same hubs in the same round-trip model, and our same friendly staff will be available to help you out.


Hope your New Year is warm and bright!



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