Update: Fleet Availability

We have an update regarding our fleet availability. We’ve heard from many of our members asking where the vehicles are and the inability to make a reservation, so we wanted to clear a few things up. Our current fleet availability is very limited, and we are doing the best we can to get every neighborhood serviced. We’re currently experiencing the perfect trifecta only to what can be compared to a sharknado during a polar vortex.

What a whirl, what a whirl!
We began transitioning the technology of our fleet in January. This included all new hardware, software, and smartphone app. Our initial goal was to have 50% of our fleet back in service by February 1st, with our entire fleet back in service within two weeks. Unfortunately, due to technology issues and delays due to COVID, we have been unable to meet these goals. What we have learned is that once we successfully configure a vehicle to work, we can usually get all of the others of that same make and model to work as well. This has allowed us to focus on the most common vehicles (like the Honda Fit) first so we can get the most vehicles available for use. To date, we have released the Honda Fits, Kia Souls, a Honda Civic, and a Toyota Prius. Where our team has been working at max capacity, we are still not transitioning at the speed necessary. To get ourselves back to full capacity, we are bringing in a technician from the technology HQ in France this week.

Here’s the bite:
Last week, we received notice from Honda that all Fits in our fleet are under a recall notice. This recall is due to a defect in the coating on the driveshaft to corrode and conceivably break. We proactively pulled these vehicles from our fleet, as no accidents or injuries have been reported, and we didn’t want to be the first. This forced us to pull nearly 70% of our presently available, as the Honda FIT is the most common car in our fleet. The silver lining is Honda notified us today that an interim remedy has been announced and all of our FITs are going into a dealership this week for a safety inspection. If a vehicle passes the remedy, it will be put back into our fleet. This means any Honda Fit available for reservation has passed the initial remedy and is available for use.

*Enter the polar vortex
We all know that extremely cold temperatures quickly drain a battery, and that’s exactly what’s happening. Once the battery drops to a certain charge percentage, our system automatically takes it out of service. Our fleet team is recharging batteries as quickly as possible to get as many vehicles as needed back into service, especially if there is an upcoming reservation on that vehicle.

For some Pro-Tips, we ask that you turn off the fan at the end of every trip and while you start the car. The fan, in many cars, tries to start with the engine and therefore absorbs the energy needed to turn over the engine. Once the engine is running, feel free to turn the fan back on anytime during your trip. Additionally, don’t use the interior door lock button as that disengages our system’s ability to remotely lock and unlock the vehicle. If you want to lock the doors while you’re driving, use the fob and click the lock button. Lastly, remember to turn off both interior and exterior lights when you’re done with your trip.

Hindsight is 2020, and 2020 is now hindsight.
We’ve learned a lot during this period. We chose this time of year because this is when usage is lower than normal and had we known then what we know now, things would have been different. We sincerely apologize for all inconveniences and problems you have faced. Where some of this was in our hands, other parts were unstoppable. We appreciate your patience and understanding and are working as fast as we can to fix what is possible. Given the above scenarios, we do not have a timeline of when certain vehicles will be back at their home hubs but are working as quickly as we can. We will be posting all updates and additional information regarding fleet availability on this post. Please save this URL, as we are trying to better streamline our communications and reduce emails to your inbox.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or comments by sending us an email or giving us a call. We are receiving a higher than usual volume, so please remain patient with us as we try to make this right for you.


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Current Available Hubs: 


Feb 18, 2021: 2 Fit’s have avoided the bite, find them at MCAD and Mississippi Market. Kia Soul has been released to 409 Marquette. We are now at over 25% of our normal fleet capacity!

Feb 19, 2021: 1 Fit is back as is a Prius, so is our University & Fairview location! Additionally find cars at Seward Friendship, Midtown Y, Dale & University, The Wedge Coop, and Pillsbury court.

Feb 23, 2021: Hello 8th & Wacouta in Lowertown!

Feb 24, 2021: We’re looking good at Mill City Quarter and Saint Thomas/Lasalle hubs. We’re at over 40% of our normal fleet capacity!

Feb 25, 2021: Hola Midtown Global Market!

Feb 26, 2021: We’ve added vehicles at Seward Co-op and Calhoun Square, putting us at over 50% of our normal fleet capacity!

Mar 1, 2021: We’re starting the week with a car at Spire Credit Union at Prospect Park!

Mar 8, 2021: We’re back at Snelling & University!

Mar 12, 2021: Block 19 Ramp in St Paul is alive and well.

Mar 19, 2021: It’s a sunny day at Sunrise Bank in the North Loop!

Mar 26, 2021: 8th St 7  4th Ave is open starting noon today. Happy travels!

Mar 31, 2021: Looking good UMN – Oak Street Ramp is back.

Apr 1, 2021: University & Raymond is back!

Apr 5, 2021: We’ve got two hubs for Monday! Marcy-Holmes (6th Ave SE & 4th St SE) and HUGE Improv.

Apr 9, 2021: TPT is back and going!

Apr 12, 2021: Nighthawks in South Minneapolis is good to go!

Apr 16, 2021: We’ve got four more online: 222 Hennepin, Augsburg College, Nicollet & Groveland, and 6th St SE & 13th Ave. Only 2 more hubs to go!

Apr 19, 2021: Syndicate & University is back online!