Spring Update Regarding Fleet Availability & COVID Approach

In January 2021, we began the process of a total technology overhaul. This included an entirely new backend system, technology software and hardware for our vehicles, and the introduction of an appWhile the transition was more challenging than anticipated and further rocked by a recall, we are now on the up-swing and making positive movement forward.  

More Cars Near You! 

As of todayall of our hubs have vehicles available! We’ve shifted some cars around and sold a few cars due to technology incompatibility, but all hubs are now active and available for reservations. This doesn’t mean we’re done yet – we’ve also received a lot of feedback regarding how our new app and reservation system works, and we’re working to address the ability to reserve far into the future, reserve via calendar view, and allow for repeat reservations, among other things.  

Tired of Your (WFH) Office Backdrop 

Get an amazing new digital meeting backdrop for your next call at one of many beautiful State Parks with one of our Subarus. All HOURCAR Subarus have State Parks passes in the front windshields. So, it’s time to head out to Taylor’s Falls Interstate Park and kayak on the river, climb down those potholes (Minneapolis roads don’t even come close), and take an afternoon hike along the cliffs of the mighty St Croix River. If you have bonus time, explore the Franconia Sculpture Park (it’s a rural version of the Walker Sculpture Garden without the cherry spoon, but also free.)  

So Where Are the Trucks? 

Last summer, we had to say goodbye to our Ford Ranger truck, leaving us with just one truck in the fleet. Overcoming struggles cooperating with our new technology and visits from catalytic converter thieves, the Toyota Tacoma truck is now back in action! This truck is getting a new, more central location at the Washington Ave Parking Ramp at the University of Minnesota, a happy middle ground for both cities, accessible on the Green Line. It’ll be in a CCTV controlled environment with enhanced catalytic converter theft devices welded below. 

Welcome Spring! 

Spring is in the air, positive weather is more than welcomed, and the COVID vaccination rate is growing. We encourage you to review our COVID approach while you drive an HOURCAR to help ensure a safe trip with ussuch as making sure the fan is set to pull in outside air 

 If you have ideas, tips, comments, or just want to say hello, let us know at info@hourcar.org or call us at 612.343.2277.  


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