Mar 25, 2024 (Saint Paul, Minnesota) – HOURCAR, Minnesota’s nonprofit carshare operator and largest nonprofit carshare organization in the United States, announces its 2023 Impact Report, providing easy analysis across hub-based HOURCAR and free-floating, all-electric Evie Community Carshare. 

HOURCAR is a nonprofit carshare organization operating since 2005 in communities across Saint Paul and Minneapolis. In 2022, HOURCAR launched Evie Community Carshare, a service that is part of the EV Spot Network, providing an all-electric, free-floating, renewably-powered service operating in 35 square miles across Saint Paul and Minneapolis.  In total, HOURCAR operated 194 vehicles across the HOURCAR service (with a highlight of the Multifamily Project) and Evie Carshare in 2022.

Report findings include: 

• Community Engagement Activities at over 54 events, engaging with over 3.7 million people

• Membership increased to over 8,500 members, an increase of 55% over 2022

• 300% trip increase in electric cars across both services

• Achieved two of three major 2026 Evie Carshare utilization benchmarks: Utilization by Low-Income Members and Utilization by BIPOC & Low-Income Members.