About Hourcar

HOURCAR is a nonprofit program that provides members with hourly access to a fleet of fuel-efficient vehicles. Once you become a member, you reserve any car you like in advance and drive it for as long as your reservation. HOURCAR is reservations-based, so you know that your car will be waiting for you when you want it (kinda nice when your arms are full of groceries and it’s 5 below zero!) It is not like car pooling—you generally will not commute from far-flung suburbs in an HOURCAR and you don’t have to shuttle passengers. It is not like car rental because you pick up and drop off the vehicle at the same designated HOURCAR parking space in your neighborhood, it’s available 24/7, and after your initial new member processing there’s no paperwork involved. You can reserve a vehicle for as little as 30 minutes or as long as three days.

Car sharing is a key part of a less expensive, low-polluting, healthy transportation lifestyle. It complements other forms of transportation such as walking, biking, transit and taxicabs.

HOURCAR is an independent non-profit organization HOURCAR gives people in the Twin Cities region a great tool to minimize car travel, resulting in cleaner air and fewer greenhouse gas emissions. HOURCAR is also committed to increasing transportation and car-sharing access to everyone in the Twin Cities, especially in low income, underserved communities.

As part of a nonprofit, HOURCAR intends to serve as many people as possible for the least cost. You are our shareholders—and your HOURCAR dividend is a cleaner environment and more livable community.

“With HOURCAR, we don’t have to pay for insurance and gas – it turns out to be far less expensive than owning a car.”

“If you want the convenience of a car without the responsibility that comes with owning a car – HOURCAR is a great choice.”

“It’s nice to have options – we can reserve a truck to run to the furniture store or a hatchback for a large grocery haul or a trip to the dog park.”

“I use HOURCAR to help the Minneapolis Art Lending Library safely move artists work. It’s a great option for budget-tight organizations”