Refund Policy

At HOURCAR, our first priority is our members. We realize that you have a choice in meeting your transportation needs and we appreciate that you’ve chosen us. If you have a billing question or believe a charge to be in error, please contact our office at 612-343-CARS (2277) or e-mail to let us know. We will investigate the problem and do our best to explain and resolve it for you.

If a refund is owed, our standard handling is to place credit in your HOURCAR account, where it will automatically be applied to future trip costs. However, if it is a situation where a refund to your HOURCAR account does not make sense (e.g., account closure), or if you specifically request it, the amount will be credited back to the card on file.

Please help us serve you best by bringing billing questions to us during the active billing period or within a month of the charge in question. We are unable to refund charges that are more than three months old.

“With HOURCAR, we don’t have to pay for insurance and gas – it turns out to be far less expensive than owning a car.”

“If you want the convenience of a car without the responsibility that comes with owning a car – HOURCAR is a great choice.”

“It’s nice to have options – we can reserve a truck to run to the furniture store or a hatchback for a large grocery haul or a trip to the dog park.”

“I use HOURCAR to help the Minneapolis Art Lending Library safely move artists work. It’s a great option for budget-tight organizations”