Submit Your Application

Find a plan that works for you and submit an application. We’ll process your application in one to two business days, ensure all drivers meet the membership qualifications, and send you a co-branded Metro Transit Go-To card (pre-loaded with $5 in ride credit for the bus) that you’ll use to scan in and out of the cars. Still have questions? We can help with that.

All fees are nonrefundable, and all charges are subject to 17.075% tax in Saint Paul and 17.225% in Minneapolis, which includes city sales (0.5%), state sales (6.875%), transit improvement sales and use (0.5%) and motor vehicle rental (9.2%) taxes, plus additional Hennepin County sales (0.15%) tax in Minneapolis. Driving credit cannot be used to pay state and local taxes. Qualified tax-exempt organizations should contact us to apply an exemption.

Photo by Daniela Cuevas.