Businesses & Nonprofits

HOURCAR provides flexibility and mobility to businesses and nonprofits of all sizes. A hub near your workplace enables your staff to use more sustainable modes of transit for their commute, while knowing they have a car to use when they need one. We get your people to client meetings and off-site delivery points without the hassle and expense of mileage reimbursements, maintenance, repairs, parking, gas, insurance, and asset depreciation. We get your team moving without all the paperwork. Work smarter with HOURCAR.

We are currently in the process of updating our software and do not yet have access to our business portal. While we are getting that ready, we are happy to share our Business & Nonprofit rates and packages below.

Plans That Work for You

Businesses and Nonprofits can generate value with a plan that offers low hourly rates during regular business hours. Our fleet includes hatchbacks and pickups for making cargo runs, and the damage fee waiver program protects you from expensive accidents. We know that every organization has unique goals and needs, so contact us to discuss how an HOURCAR plan can help get your team moving.

Rates & Fees

Business & Nonprofit Plans

All fees are nonrefundable. All charges are subject to an additional 17.075% tax in Saint Paul, 17.225% in Minneapolis, and 17.325% in Rochester, which includes city sales tax, county sales tax, state sales tax, transit improvement sales and use, and motor vehicle rental (9.2%) taxes, unless tax-exempt status is submitted. Driving credit cannot be used to pay state and local taxes. Qualified tax-exempt organizations should contact us to apply a tax exemption.

Submit Your Application

Submit an application for a new business or nonprofit account, or contact your account admin to be added to your organization’s account.  We’ll process your application in one to three business days, ensure all drivers meet the membership qualifications, and send you welcome email with information on how to access cars. Still have questions? We can help with that.