HOURCAR is providing cost-free driving for qualified social service nonprofits in the Twin Cities and Rochester through June 30th, 2020.


  1. Organizations must provide social services to clients in the Twin Cities and Rochester areas.
  2. Organizations must be ready to present IRS documentation of nonprofit status upon request.
  3. All drivers must meet HOURCAR’s Qualifications for Membership.


How does Cost-Free Driving Work?

Check out our how-to video for a brief overview of an HOURCAR trip.


What’s covered under Cost-Free Driving?

Items covered under Cost-Free Driving
  • Application fees
  • Applicable membership fees from April-June
  • Selected driving costs: hourly and daily time costs and associated taxes
  • Mileage
Items NOT covered under Cost-Free Driving


How Do I Sign Up?

Qualified organizations will need complete an application for an organizational account using the
promo code NONPROFIT.

Please note that in order to keep this program sustainable, enrollment may be limited.


How will I be Billed?

All accounts will be set up on the Nonprofit rate with monthly billing via credit card. Credit cards
must be added to accounts for reservations to be made. On the last day of each month, all driving costs for each organization’s account will be voided. Any applicable fees will be left on the account and charged according to our billing policy.


Questions? Contact us.