To ensure adequate time to process your application, same-day registrations must be received by 3:00pm, Monday- Friday. Once you submit your application, please email or call 612-343-2277 to confirm that your application has been received. 

A verifiable driving record

To ensure that all HOURCAR members meet our member qualifications, HOURCAR will need to verify your driving record before you are approved for membership. In most cases, we are able to look up driving records independently; however, we are unable to request driving records from certain states due to interstate regulations.

If you have an out of state driver’s license from one of the following states, you will need to request a copy of your driving record from your local DMV:

California; Colorado; Georgia; Indiana; Maryland; New Hampshire; New Mexico; Virginia; Washington

This can be done online, and usually takes no more than 5 minutes. To streamline the application process, request your driving record before applying to HOURCAR. When you have a copy of your driving record, email it to once you complete your application. If you are charged a fee for requesting your record, just send us a receipt for the purchase and we will gladly reimburse you with HOURCAR driving credit.

Metro Transit card or smartphone access

During registration, selecting the option to using your own Metro Transit card is the fastest way to get on the road. Using your transit card for HOURCAR will not affect the balance or any other information stored on your transit card.

If you choose the option to receive an HOURCAR Metro Transit card, you will need to pick up your materials at our office or log in to your HOURCAR account on your smartphone before you’re able to start driving. Once you’re approved, you can log in and access reservations from your smartphone’s web browser

A valid debit/credit card

HOURCAR is a membership-based organization, so you will need to pay any applicable membership fees before you can begin driving. Be sure to choose the rate plan that works best for you. Our rates can be found here. If you have any questions about our rate plans, call our office at 612-343-2277 or email Please note that you will not be able to begin using HOURCAR without having a valid credit/debit card on file.

“With HOURCAR, we don’t have to pay for insurance and gas – it turns out to be far less expensive than owning a car.”

“If you want the convenience of a car without the responsibility that comes with owning a car – HOURCAR is a great choice.”

“It’s nice to have options – we can reserve a truck to run to the furniture store or a hatchback for a large grocery haul or a trip to the dog park.”

“I use HOURCAR to help the Minneapolis Art Lending Library safely move artists work. It’s a great option for budget-tight organizations”