The Honda Civic is the only sedan in HOURCAR’s fleet, but that doesn’t mean it’s skimpy on space. It comfortably seats five adults with a nice sized trunk (the hybrid versions have smaller trunks).

USB: most / BlueTooth: most / MPG: 33,
45 hybrid / Cargo: 13 cu.ft., 11 cu.ft. hybrid


The Subaru Forester is HOURCAR’s first compact SUV. The Forester offers a roomy trunk, with even more space when the rear seats are folded down! The large windows and high seating position offer great sight lines. The Forester has some extra perks that make it perfect for Minnesota winters: All wheel drive, heated front seats, and heated mirrors.

USB / BlueTooth / MPG: 26 / Cargo: 34 cu.ft., 74 cu.ft. with seats folded / Back up camera


The Honda Fit is a sprightly hatchback that gets its name from the quickly expandable cargo hold. By simply folding the rear seats into the floor, a bicycle, some plywood or a Thanksgiving feast can easily be stashed away. The Fit is also the car of choice for our Member Services Manager.

USB: most/ BlueTooth: none/ MPG: 31/ Cargo: 21 cu.ft., 57 cu.ft. with seats folded


The Insight is Honda’s take on a Prius. In many ways the Insight is similar to its competitor, but the interior is space-aged and you can be the cool kid on the block by driving a hybrid that’s NOT a Prius.

USB: none/ BlueTooth: none/ MPG: 41/ Cargo: 16 cu.ft., 32 cu.ft. with seats folded


The Scion xD is a fuel-efficient, peppy and, dare we say, cute, hatchback. With its youthful nature and sizable cargo space, the xD caters equally well to a night out on the town or a day spent at Costco. 

USB: all/ BlueTooth: most/ MPG: 29/ Cargo: 11 cu.ft., 36 cu.ft. with seats folded


Whatever your moving needs, the Ranger (72″x54″ cargo bed) or Tacoma (73″x56″ cargo bed) will be your friends. The Ranger has two side-fold rear seats for two (small) friends.

USB: Tacoma only/ BlueTooth: Tacoma only/ MPG: 21 Tacoma, 17 Ranger


The Mazda5 is a mini mini-van, which makes it fun to drive compared to its full-sized cousins. That said, it’s still very versatile with 2-2-2 seating. Fold the rear seats down to increase hauling capacity.

USB: most/ BlueTooth: none / MPG: 24/ Cargo: 44 cu.ft. with third row folded


The Toyota Prius is the mainstay of the HOURCAR fleet, and for good reason: it’s one of the most fuel-efficient cars on the road. The Prius also get high marks for practicality with its surprisingly roomy trunk.

USB: most/ BlueTooth: most/ MPG: 50/ Cargo: 22 cu.ft., 40 cu.ft. with seats folded


The Sonic is a small hatchback, similar to the Honda Fits that we currently have.  The Sonic offers a responsive and peppy engine but maintains a quiet cab experience. Its has great visibility and it’s 48 cubic feet of cargo area is very usable. Additionally, the car is equipped with modern features like Bluetooth, Apple Car play and Android Auto, a rear back-up camera, and lane departure warnings

USB: all/ BlueTooth: yes/ MPG: 38, City:28 / Cargo: 48 cu.ft. with seats folded/ Apple Play, Android Auto: yes, Rear Back-up Camera: Yes


The Soul is a subcompact crossover, making it the first crossover to join the HOURCAR fleet. The Soul boasts a deceptively spacious interior and a responsive ride, making it both practical and fun to drive. The impressive cargo capacity makes the Soul a great choice for running errands or a weekend trip to the lake. The car is equipped with Bluetooth, Apple Play, and a rear back-up camera.

USB: all/ BlueTooth: yes/ MPG: 31, City:26 / Cargo: 49.5 cu.ft. with seats folded/ Apple Play: yes/ Rear Back-up Camera: Yes

“With HOURCAR, we don’t have to pay for insurance and gas – it turns out to be far less expensive than owning a car.”

“If you want the convenience of a car without the responsibility that comes with owning a car – HOURCAR is a great choice.”

“It’s nice to have options – we can reserve a truck to run to the furniture store or a hatchback for a large grocery haul or a trip to the dog park.”

“I use HOURCAR to help the Minneapolis Art Lending Library safely move artists work. It’s a great option for budget-tight organizations”