Students & Faculty

HOURCAR is a great choice for students and faculty on campuses that are well-served by public transit and where parking can be like playing Duck Duck Gray Duck. We’re the official carshare partner of the University of Minnesota with several hubs on or near campuses all over the Twin Cities and Rochester. We give you the freedom to bike or ride the bus to campus, while offering the security of knowing a car is available when you need one. HOURCAR makes it easy and affordable for students and faculty to navigate campus every day.

Limited Time Offer for New Students, Faculty & Staff

Join for Just $5!

Join with promo code “College0500” and we’ll reduce our One-Time $25 Registration Fee to only $5 (plus taxes), plus you’ll get $6 Monthly Match-Back Drive Credit with the Student or Student PLUS plan.

To qualify: Submit a valid university ID or register with your college email and enroll in the Student or Student PLUS plan.

This is a limited time offer, subject to change without notice. Applications that do not meet the above requirements will be processed as a normal application, subject to a One-Time $25 Registration Fee. 

Choosing a Plan

Students, Faculty, and Staff of an accredited college or university are eligible to join our Student or Student PLUS plan. With hubs located in and around most colleges in the metro, it’s easy to hop in an HOURCAR and get off campus. Students can assemble their crew for a grocery run or a night out. Faculty and staff can bike to work or take transit to campus, and still have the ability to go out for lunch or run a quick errand. College is hard. HOURCAR isn’t. The PLUS version of this plan includes Damage Fee Waiver coverage in the membership fee and additional lowered rates and included miles.

University Departments at local colleges and universities can take advantage of our excellent nonprofit organization plan. Our nonprofit plans are great for college departments that need to send people back and forth from campus to the community. Get your researchers out of the office and into the field without constantly processing mileage and ride-sharing reimbursements. HOURCAR lets you focus on your work instead of paperwork.

Plans & Rates

To qualify for a student or faculty plan, you must provide verification that you are a current student or employee of an accredited college or university. We’ll reach out to you if we need your help in verifying your student status. All plans are charged a One-Time $25 Registration Fee. This fee covers the cost of processing your background check to meet our qualifications for membership.

All fees are nonrefundable. All charges are subject to an additional 17.075% tax in Saint Paul, 17.225% in Minneapolis, and 17.325% in Rochester, which includes city sales tax, county sales tax, state sales tax, transit improvement sales and use, and motor vehicle rental (9.2%) taxes. Driving credit cannot be used to pay state and local taxes. Qualified tax-exempt organizations should contact us to apply an exemption.

Student Plan

  • Registration fee: $25 one-time, per driver
  • Membership fee: $6 per month, with $6 driving credit monthly match back
  • Driving price per hour: $6
  • Stopover price per hour: $4
    • Driving price is when the car is running, stopover price is when the car is turned off and stopover mode is engaged
  • Included miles: 100 free miles, then $0.40 per mile after
    • Included miles are per 24-hour period, up to 72 hours
  • Day rate: $50

*Taxes not included

Student PLUS Plan

Everything in “Student Plan” except:

  • Membership fee: $11 per month, with $6 driving credit monthly match back
  • Damage Fee Waiver: Applied to all trips for PLUS members
  • Included miles: 200 free miles, then $0.40 per mile after
    • Included miles are per 24-hour period, up to 72 hours
  • Day rate: $45

*Taxes not included
**Monthly Damage Fee Waiver protects members from needing to pay the $2,000 at-fault damage fee in the event of an accident. This waiver is valid for all trips during the month of coverage. Without this waiver, members are liable for up to $2,000 in repairs in an at-fault accident. See HOURCAR Member Handbook for details.

Submit Your Application

Submit an application for Student or Student PLUS plan, available for students, faculty, and staff. We’ll process your application, ensuring all drivers meet the membership qualifications, and send a welcome email on how to access the cars. Still have questions? We can help with that.