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Now Hiring: Business Operations Director

Position Description HOURCAR is a nonprofit carsharing company in the Twin Cities, offering a fleet of shared-use vehicles to its members through an online reservation system with 24/7 access at any of its 40+ carsharing hubs. In summer 2021, HOURCAR will launch Evie Community Carshare, a new all-electric one-way carsharing service, with 150 electric vehicles […]

Introducing Our Multifamily EV Carshare Project

HOURCAR is excited to share we are accepting pre-approval applications until July 30th for first tranche Multifamily EV Carshare Pilot site hosts with a priority deadline of June 30th! Project Details Funded by the US Department of Energy and significantly underwritten by Xcel Energy and HOURCAR, the Multifamily EV Carshare Pilot Project will create environmentally […]

Spring Update Regarding Fleet Availability & COVID Approach

In January 2021, we began the process of a total technology overhaul. This included an entirely new backend system, technology software and hardware for our vehicles, and the introduction of an app. While the transition was more challenging than anticipated and further rocked by a recall, we are now on the up-swing and making positive movement forward.   More Cars Near You!  As […]

Update: Fleet Availability

We have an update regarding our fleet availability. We’ve heard from many of our members asking where the vehicles are and the inability to make a reservation, so we wanted to clear a few things up. Our current fleet availability is very limited, and we are doing the best we can to get every neighborhood […]

Tech Transition: How to Use New Tech
Many of you have made reservations, drove a car, or set up your account in our new software this week - login in here or pre-register here to see what the buzz is about!   You may have noticed that your favorite car is not available, and we apologize for the delay. We’re still working on getting the fleet [...]
Tech Transition: New Rate Plans
  We've got more details to share about our upcoming new reservation and in-car technology! Feel free to read the last announcement here. Don’t forget to also check out the New Software FAQ page to help answer any questions you might have.   Technology Switch Timeline Mark your calendars - from January 25th - February [...]
Tech Transition: Timeline and Details
We’re  very excited  to be updating our reservation and in-car technology for the first time in several years, and we have more details to share with you!    We told you earlier about some of the new  features  you’ve been asking for, such as stopover pricing and simplified rates at better price points – read that full [...]
Tech Transition: Pricing Survey Results
We’ve got more details to share with you about our upcoming technology switch!  We announced in October that we will be switching to a new software provider in 2021, and as we move closer to the system switch, we’ll be reaching out more frequently (every 7-10 days) with information for you regarding our new software. [...]
COVID-19 December Update

As COVID-19 has continued to spread in Minnesota, we’ve been working hard to ensure that using an HOURCAR is as safe as possible. We’ve audited and improved our cleaning and sanitizing procedures to improve efficiency and maintain CDC compliance, as well as found other ways to improve the things we’re already doing. Here’s the updates […]

Message from the CEO: One-Way Electric Carsharing is Coming in 2021

You may have noticed that things seem a little busier than usual at HOURCAR lately. Maybe the car you prefer hasn’t been available as often, or it took a little longer to get a response from our office. I’m writing today to finally take the wraps off a huge announcement we’ve been working on for […]