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Hourcar, Car Sharing and Sustainable Transportation in the Twin Cities and Afar

We’re “Soul” Excited to Introduce Two New Cars!

You may recall that at the end of last year we conducted a survey to better understand what types of vehicles you, our members, wanted in the Hourcar Fleet. If you participated in this survey, we thank you for your feedback!  The results have been integral in our research for new vehicles to add to our fleet. Here are the […]

Introducing HOURCAR Punchcard

HOURCAR is excited to announce the launch of the HOURCAR Punchcard Rewards program. Use an HOURCAR and get driving credit and other rewards. It’s simple. Sign up here!     You sign up. You use HOURCAR. You get driving credit!   For every 10 trips in an HOURCAR we will give you $10 in driving credit. […]

New Corporate Advantage Plan!

HOURCAR is very excited to announce our new Corporate Advantage Plan! Take public transit or bike to work, but want or need the flexibility? HOURCAR might be the best option for you and your employer. Learn more about our low-cost Business and Non-Profit plans by clicking here!    

Music Video Monday: Roadkill Edition

Now that spring might actually truly be on its way, please watch out for wildlife when you’re driving an Hourcar!

HOURCAR Moving Around

We do our best to keep our fleet as balanced as possible and as accessible to as many of our members as possible. That sometimes means we need to move or close hubs or swap vehicles around. We recently did a couple of surveys on what types of vehicles you, our members, would like to […]

Music Video Monday (a day late)

Due to some slightly more important news and a very busy day in the Hourcar office (see yesterday’s post if you missed it), we failed to get a song pick posted for Music Video Monday. We rectify that herewith and hope you will join with Hourcar as we rock our fleet down to Electric Avenue:

HOURCAR announces partnership with Xcel

HOURCAR parters with Xcel Energy to plan for 100% electric fleet Through a partnership with Xcel Energy, HOURCAR will begin planning to convert their entire fleet from fuel-based vehicles to a 100% electric fleet and a one-way trip model by 2020. SAINT PAUL, MN, October 24, 2017 – Today, HOURCAR announced that it would partner […]

Lost your Go To Card? No problem, get into an HOURCAR with your phone

Navigating to the necessary webpage: On your phone, head to Log into your account Review the list of your upcoming reservations and click on the reservation you’re currently trying to access You will be directed to a reservation summary page. At the top of this page, you should see a large gray button with two padlock symbols […]

Happy Pancake Day!

Around the world today, many countries and cultures are celebrating. Whatever you call today (Mardi Gras? Shrovetide? Pancake Day?), it is, in the Christian calendar, the final day before the traditionally leaner period of Lent, where many abstain from excess or certain foods, like meat on Fridays. With Mardi Gras come plenty of delicious and […]

Car Sharing and Tikku Houses

At Hourcar we are always thinking and talking about reducing individual car-ownership. We discuss how it will improve our cities and make them friendlier, healthier, and more accessible for their inhabitants.  But, what comes after car ownership? In the ultimate shared-mobility utopia, where each car sharing vehicle has successfully removed 14 self-owned vehicles from the road, what will […]

“I use HOURCAR to help the Minneapolis Art Lending Library safely move artists work. It’s a great option for budget-tight organizations”


Hourcar, Car Sharing and
Sustainable Transportation in
the Twin Cities and Away.