2022 Impact Report

Shepard Road

2022 Impact Report on the operations of HOURCAR, the Multifamily Project, and Evie Carshare

May 25, 2023 (Saint Paul, Minnesota) – HOURCAR, Minnesota’s nonprofit carshare operator and largest nonprofit carshare organization in the United States, announces its first-ever Impact Report, providing easy analysis across HOURCAR, with a highlight on the Multifamily Project, and Evie Community Carshare. 

HOURCAR is a nonprofit, hub-based carshare organization operating since 2005 in communities across Saint Paul and Minneapolis. In 2022, HOURCAR launched Evie Community Carshare, a service that is part of the EV Spot Network, providing an all-electric, free-floating, renewably-powered service operating in 35 square miles across Saint Paul and Minneapolis.  In total, HOURCAR operated 194 vehicles across the HOURCAR service (with a highlight of the Multifamily Project) and Evie Carshare in 2022.

High-level information includes:

  • 5,496 members served (160% increase from 2021)
  • Enabled 79,636 trips (300% increase from 2021)
  • Reduced 3,256 metric tons of greenhouse gas

Included in the report are regional benefits, total organizational impact, utilization and information on HOURCAR and Evie Carshare, key learnings, upcoming projects, information about partners, funders and sponsors, as well as information on how the calculations were established.

The report addresses HOURCAR (Jan-Dec 2022), the Multifamily Project (Aug-Dec 2022) and Evie Carshare (Feb 2022-Jan 2023).