HOURCAR Multifamily: Equitable Electric Mobility

HOURCAR is a nonprofit carshare organization making big transportation changes in the Twin Cities.

In 2022, HOURCAR began expanding its round-trip carshare service through the Multifamily Electric Vehicle Carshare Pilot Project. Leveraging funding from the U.S. Department of Energy and partnerships with Xcel Energy, the American Lung Association, and East Metro Strong, the pilot will add a total of 50 all-electric vehicles, nearly doubling the current HOURCAR footprint. To do this, HOURCAR is placing new hubs with electric chargers at multifamily complexes around the Twin Cities metropolitan area, especially at affordable housing sites. The project aims to increase electric mobility options for residents at income levels that have been traditionally underserved while also decreasing barriers to building out electric vehicle charging stations at multifamily dwellings.

This is the first project of its kind in the State of Minnesota and one of the first of its size in North America, including 25 total properties with 50 shared electric vehicles.

Member Information

HOURCAR is using this pilot to provide service to both new and existing members.

These multifamily hubs will function mostly the same way our current round-trip HOURCAR hubs do, with the added benefit of using an electric vehicle. Any member will be able to use the cars placed at these sites by reserving a car in advance for a trip length of up to three days. When finished using the vehicle, simply return the car back to where you got it and plug it back into the charger provided on site to provide maximum range for the next member.

If you are already an HOURCAR member, you can use your existing account to reserve a vehicle at one of our new hubs just the way you’ve always done.

Thinking about using one of these cars at our multifamily hubs? Simply register for an HOURCAR account to start driving. Look up the membership rate that works best for you, download the app onto your Android or Apple smartphone or register your account with your GoTo card. Your monthly plan also includes access to Evie Carshare, a one-way, free-floating, all-electric, carshare service.


Current Multifamily sites include: 

• Maya Commons (opened 9/23/22)
• Timber & Tie (opened 2/1/23)

Little Canada: 
• Garden Terrace (opened 12/19/22)

• Seasons Park (opened 3/1/23)

• Blooming Meadows (TBD – Q1 2023)

St Louis Park:
• Via Sol (TBD-Q2 2023)


The Multifamily Project has pilot periods operating 18-24 months. Upon pilot period completion, sites will be assessed to determine continued viability. Below are current stats based on total hourly utilization per site. 

*Note that this info is based on utilization October-December 2022 and based on total hub usage. Not all hubs have two vehicles, some have only one. 

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Round 3 Applications Open March 31, 2023


Our third round of applications for the Multifamily Project opens March 31, 2023. With a goal to approve up to ten new locations, HOURCAR continues our search to provide electric, hub-based carshare services to low-income and market-rate multi-dwelling units.