Where is HOURCAR?

Hourcars are stationed at designated hubs located across the Twin Cities and in Rochester. Most hubs are in public parking ramps and at local businesses, credit unions, and grocery stores. Our most successful hubs are in urban areas with lots of people, good connections to Metro Transit, and limited parking in medium-to-high-density neighborhoods. Find HOURCARS at a hub near you, or contact us about hosting an HOURCAR hub at your business, organization, or institution.

How does HOURCAR work?

Find a plan that works for you and submit an application. We’ll process it in 1-3 business days once we ensure you meet the qualifications for membership. Once you’re approved, your HOURCAR membership gives you access to our entire fleet of vehicles located at hubs in our service areas. Reserve a car online or via the app, unlock it with your Metro Transit GoTo card or smartphone app, pick it up from its designated hub, and drop it off at the same hub when you’re done. Leave at least ¼ of a tank of gas for the next user, pick up your trash, and take your stuff with you. Don’t forget to turn off the lights. There’s a gas card in the glove box if you need to fill up, and we’ll credit you for your time spent at the pump. If you have any questions or run into trouble, just give us a call.

How to use the HOURCAR app

Using the HOURCAR app is the recommended way to access vehicles and make reservations. For more detailed instructions on how to use the app, check out these documents:

Using a reservation with a Metro Transit GoTo card

If you do not have a smartphone or would like an additional backup method to access an HOURCAR, you can use your Metro Transit GoTo card! If you have a Metro Transit GoTo card, fill out this form so we can link it to your account. If you do not have a Metro Transit GoTo card, let us know and we can mail you one.

For more detailed instructions, check out this document:

How to fill up the gas using the provided card

  1. Take note of the odometer reading before turning off the vehicle.
  2. Grab the gas card from the holder in the glovebox.
  3. Find the Driver ID # on a sticker on the gas cap.
  4. Swipe the card at the pump – note: our cards are accepted at most gas stations that allow multiple credit card providers.
  5. When prompted, enter the odometer reading and Driver ID.
  6. Fill the tank with regular unleaded gas only.
  7. Return the gas card to the holder in the glovebox.

Please leave at least ¼ tank of gas for the next user. If the car will not be below ¼ tank at the end of your reservation, there’s no need to fill it up, since it’s not good for the car to receive many small fill ups of potentially different types of fuel. You’ll automatically receive a $4 gas credit for every fill up of 5 or more gallons of gas within 1-5 days. If you are unable to locate the card or have any issues with it please report it to us promptly.

How to avoid fees

We charge fees to discourage inconvenience to fellow members of our carsharing community. We’d always rather hear from you than not if there’s anything that we should be aware of and communicating with us can help to avoid most fees.

  • Late Return – $40/hour for late returns past the 5-minute grace period
  • Displacement Fee (being late, leaving a dead battery, or otherwise inconveniencing another member’s trip) – $25
  • Dead Battery – $25 first instance, $40 thereafter
  • Mis-parking the vehicle without reporting it – $25
  • Leaving the car with less than ¼ tank of gas – $25
  • Smoking in Car, Pet mess or major cleaning needed – Cost of cleaning + possible termination of membership

Submit Your Application

Find a plan that works for you and submit a new application. We’ll process your application in one to three business days once we ensure you meet the membership qualifications. Reserve a car online, via the app, or by calling us. Unlock a vehicle through your smartphone app or Metro Transit GoTo card. Still have questions? We can help with that.