Reserve a car for as few as 30 minutes or as long as 3 days. Fuel/charging, insurance, and local roadside assistance are included in all trip costs. Available Drive Credit, including Monthly Membership Match-Back, is automatically applied to all trip costs until used or expired. 


Drive up to 200 miles per trip per day, depending on your plan.

Start, pause, and end your trip with the app or your linked Metro Transit GoTo Card. Learn how to start, lock, and end your trips here. If you don’t have a GoTo card or need to link yours, do that here. 

Bonus: All HOURCARs include Minnesota State Park Passes.

Run into trouble? There are in-car Trip Tips to help you along your journey in the drivers-side pocket of the door. We also encourage you to take a look at our Member Handbook.

Refuel / Recharge

Fill up with standard gasoline if it’s 1/4 tank or less. There is a fuel card in the glovebox and a driver PIN found in the app once you start your trip or give us a call and we can provide it for you. Unless you’re paying on your own and requesting reimbursement, there is no need to save the receipt. You’ll see a $4 Drive Credit within 3 business days for refueling five or more gallons. Learn more in Trip Tips

If you’re driving an electric HOURCAR, you must leave the vehicle charging at the hub location before ending your trip. Learn how here


All HOURCAR trips require you to return the car, on time, back to the hub where it belongs. If you’re driving an electric HOURCAR, the car must be charging before you end your trip so the next member can get the most range.

Returning a car later than scheduled may delay another member’s trip, so avoid the $40 late fee and return on time. Make sure the lights are off because nobody likes a dead battery. 

Trip Tips

All of our vehicles have in-car guides located in the drivers side door.
These will help you along your first couple journeys.

HOURCAR Works With Evie

When you sign up with HOURCAR, you also sign up with Evie Carshare, giving you access to over 150 all-electric one-way vehicles across Saint Paul and Minneapolis.  

Each plan has a partner, so the Everyday Plan with Evie automatically partners with the Everyday Plan at HOURCAR.  The rates and usage terms may be different, so compare them to get the best plan for you. You are only charged one monthly plan fee per month which includes both services. So consider it win-win: join one and get the other!

All Drive Credit expires 60 days after applied, unless stated otherwise. View credit via the Evie Carshare app or in your account online.

The below credits are manually issued. To receive credit, you must email trip details (start/end/date/time) to [email protected]. Credits will be issued within 72 business hours, valid for the next 60 days as Drive Credit. Trip costs will not be refunded. 

Refuel the tank = $4

Kindness Credits = $1-$20 (thanks for watching out for others!) 

The below fees are not charged if you are enrolled in a PLUS plan during the time of incident. The cost of the ticket is not included. 

Towing Processing Fee = $15

Parking Ticket Processing Fee = $15

Toll Charge Processing Fee = $15

At-Fault Damage Fee  = up to $1,000 

We charge fees to discourage inconvenience to fellow members of our carsharing community. We’d always rather hear from you than not if there’s anything that we should be aware of, so communicate with us to avoid most fees.

Excessive Cleaning Fee = up to $200 per instance (includes smoking, pet, trash, and odor)

Biohazard Cleaning Fee = $250 biohazard service removal fee + Unavailable Vehicle Fee per Day + other additional fees as relevant

Unsecured Vehicle Fee = up to $75 per occurrence (check your trip is ended by making sure the doors are locked and the GoTo card reader is green)

Unavailable Vehicle Fee = Day rate times number of days vehicle was impounded/unavailable for rental

Dead Battery = up to $40 per occurrence (first step is to make sure all headlights are off)

Excessive/Major Violation of Terms = $250 Fee + Cost of repair/cleaning + possible membership revocation

Excessive Complaint = up to $50 per incident

Late return = $40 per incident

Return with 1/4 tank or less of fuel = $25