Charging Your Electric HOURCAR

Electric HOURCAR charging onsite

All electric HOURCARs require that members leave the car charging at the end of their trip. Chargers are located for each vehicle in the “Electric HOURCAR Parking Only” space, located at the vehicle’s hub. 

Avoid a Totally Avoidable $25 Low Battery Fee and remember to plug in and make sure the vehicle is charging at the end of your electric HOURCAR trip. 

Here's How to Charge

1. Pull up to the charger located at the vehicles hub.

2. Locate the charging card in the glovebox

3. Push the button to the left of the steering wheel to open the charge door, located at the front of the car. 

4. Tap the charging card on the stations RFID card reader.

5. Plug in the charging cable. Verify the car is charging by looking at the dashboard (where the speedometer is located) or at the lights on top of the dash. 

6. Return the charging card to the glovebox location and end your trip.