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Billing Explained

Individual & Household Accounts

Trip Invoice: Your card on file is billed the actual cost of each reservation as soon as the trip is complete (including the hourly cost, mileage if applicable, and taxes). If you return the vehicle after your reservation has ended, late fees ($40 per hour, rounded up to the nearest full hour) will also be charged.

Monthly Invoice: On the 6th day of each month, you will receive an invoice for membership fees and any additional fees accumulated during the previous month. You have ten days to review your invoice before it is automatically charged to your card on the 15th.

If the credit card you keep on file has expired or your payment is otherwise declined, you can enter a new card by logging in to your account summary and selecting “credit card settings.” See our detailed walk-through for entering a new card on your account.

Business & Nonprofit Accounts

The default billing for business and nonprofit accounts is trip-by-trip billing, which is described above. As an organizational account, there is also the option for monthly billing as described below:

Monthly Invoice: On the 5th day of each month, your organization will receive an invoice reflecting: 1) reservations during the previous month broken down by driver, date, car, and distance, 2) annual membership fees and driver application fees, and 3) any additional fees accumulated. Your organization has ten days to submit invoice payment if you are on a check payment plan. If you pay your invoice by card, the amount due will automatically be charged on the 15th.

The first $75 annual fee ($25 for nonprofits) will be charged to the credit card on file. Future invoices can be paid by credit card or ACH transfer.

Damage Fee Waivers

Using a Damage Fee Waiver

A damage fee waiver can be used to waive a member’s damage fee for an incident that results in “at-fault” vehicle damage to an HOURCAR. HOURCAR members are covered by a comprehensive insurance policy, with no out-of-pocket costs for all “not-at-fault” damages to HOURCARS. Purchasing a damage fee waiver does not affect this insurance coverage; however, if you cause “at-fault” damage to an HOURCAR, you will be assessed a damage fee of up to $2,000 to cover the cost of repairs—unless you have a valid damage fee waiver.

Example A: You are driving an HOURCAR while distracted and you rear-end another car at a stoplight. You are at-fault for the accident, and you will be assessed a damage fee up to $2,000. You can either pay the fee in full or apply a valid damage fee waiver to nullify the damage fee in its entirety.

Example B: A distracted driver rear-ends you in your HOURCAR at a stoplight. You are not-at-fault for the accident, and all damages are covered by insurance at no cost to you.

To apply a damage fee waiver to at-fault vehicle damage, you must contact us to report the damage within 24 hours of an incident. You may then re-enroll in the program by purchasing a new damage fee waiver. A damage fee waiver costs $50 and is valid for up to one year. Coverage for additional drivers on shared accounts is $10/driver.

We strongly recommend that all members purchase a damage fee waiver annually. Accidents don’t happen often, but they’re almost always expensive. Seriously, it’s a good idea.

Purchasing a Damage Fee Waiver

New Members can purchase a damage fee waiver on the new member registration form. The cost of the damage fee waiver will be charged once payment information is added to your account. The damage fee waiver will become valid immediately after it has been charged to your account. Damage fee waivers are non-refundable.

Existing Members can contact us at or (612) 343-2277 to add a damage fee waiver to your account. The damage fee waiver will become valid exactly 24 hours after the cost of the waiver is charged to your account. Damage fee waivers are non-refundable.

Automatic Waiver Renewal

Damage fee waivers are non-refundable and will automatically renew annually, and your account will be charged 12 months after your damage fee waiver was purchased. You can opt-out of automatic renewal by contacting us at or (612) 343-2277.

Multiple Drivers on an Account

Additional drivers can be added to a damage fee waiver for $10 per driver. Business and Nonprofit plans can add 5 additional drivers for free. A damage fee waiver can be shared among multiple drivers on an account; however, all drivers on the account must be added to the waiver program. When a damage fee waiver is redeemed, a new waiver may be purchased for $50 plus $10 for each additional driver on the account. Only the account holder can opt-in, opt-out, or add drivers to the damage fee waiver program. Account holders can add additional drivers to their damage fee waiver program for $10 per driver by contacting us at or (612) 343-2277.

Example A: You want to add your spouse as a driver to your existing account that is already enrolled in the damage fee waiver program. To maintain a valid damage fee waiver for the account, you must also add your spouse to your waiver for an additional $10. After redeeming the waiver for an accident, you can re-enroll in the waiver program for $60 total ($50 for the waiver + $10 for one [1] additional driver).

Example B: You administer a company plan with 4 total drivers. You purchased a damage fee waiver for $50 plus coverage for 3 additional drivers for $30 ($10 per additional driver). After redeeming the waiver for an accident, you can re-enroll in the waiver program for $80 total ($50 for the waiver plus $30 for three [3] additional drivers).

Driving Credit

Driving credit may not be transferred to other members and has no monetary value. Unless specifically stated otherwise, driving credit expires in 60 days and cannot be combined with other promotional offers. By law driving credit cannot be applied to city, state, and local taxes.

Membership Agreements

HOURCAR Membership Agreements

HOURCAR Membership agreements are available for download as a PDF file. Please contact us if you need a paper copy.

Membership Cancellation

Membership Cancellation

To cancel your HOURCAR account, please complete the Membership Cancellation form. You will receive an email confirmation within 3-5 business days of submitting your cancellation form.

Member Handbook

HOURCAR Member Handbook

The HOURCAR Handbook is available for download as a PDF file. Please contact us if you need a paper copy.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

HOURCAR appreciates the trust our members place in us. We are committed to protecting our members’ private, personal information.

HOURCAR’s Privacy Policy is available for download as a PDF. Please contact us if you need a paper copy.


If you have a billing question or believe a charge to be in error, please contact us at (612) 343-2277 or We will investigate the problem and do our best to explain and resolve it for you. In most situations where we owe you a refund of some kind, we can quickly apply driving credit to your HOURCAR account where it will automatically be used on future trip costs. In extreme situations, we will credit the amount back to the card on file for your account.

To expedite the process, please contact us with billing questions during the active billing period month of the charge in question. We are unable to refund charges that are more than three months old.

Contact Us

You can always make or modify a reservation online, but we’re here if you need a little extra help. You can email us at or call (612) 343-2277 for emergency assistance 24 hours a day.

For general inquiries or to discuss billing or membership, please call (612) 343-2277 Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (US Central Time) or email us at