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If your license hasn’t expired yet but you have a new one, email us a photo (front and back) or you’ll have to wait until it’s expired in the system before you can update.

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Drive Credit will show on your account once your friend has taken their first trip and is valid for 60 days once credited for trip costs only. Drive Credit can not be applied towards fees or taxes. 

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Review commonly asked questions and, if you can’t find your answer, contact us so we can help out. 

Evie FAQs here

Trips with our app provide the best overall experience. Available for iOS and Android. Get the app here

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Learn how to begin and end trips, overall rules, and other tricks of the trade here

Members must be at least 18 years old, have 1+ years of driving history, and have a good record. International driving licenses are highly encouraged. Learn more here

All trips with an HOURCAR require you to pay for parking while out and about. You’ll never need to pay at the hub, even when in a ramp or secured parking lot. 

For trips with Evie, review the rules here

Stay up to date with the terms and conditions here

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Walk, bike, carpool, or take Metro Transit? See if you qualify for up to $100 annual emergency transportation reimbursements from Metro Transit. (This is not an income-based program.) Details and enrollment here

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