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We’ve made some major updates to the HOURCAR app to enhance user experience and overall functionality. The entire app has been rebuilt to prepare for the launch of Evie Carshare in early 2022. The new app will be released in the app stores with an anticipated launch date of early December 2021.

Entirely New Build:

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At the top of the app, you will toggle between Evie and HOURCAR. At the bottom, you’ll find a Reserve button to bring up the map of available vehicles across both Evie and HOURCAR, My Trips to see future journeys booked (only with HOURCAR), and the Menu function to see additional features. The Evie tab at the top will not show any vehicles until early 2022 when we launch the service.  

During your trip, functions like “Pause”, “Resume”, “End Trip”, and overall trip time may collapse into a key icon near the bottom right of the screen. Clicking on the key icon will expand these functions so you can continue your journey. 

Reserve Your
Next Trip

Get Directions & Walk to the Hub

Start, Pause, Resume, & End Trips

New Menu Features:

Refer a Friend

Find your code and share it with your friends to get $25 Drive Credit for each person who applies to HOURCAR with your code and takes a trip. They will also get $25 Drive Credit, valid for the first 60 days once they complete their application.

So share away, and help them out on their first trip and you’ll see the credits come rolling in! 

Updated FAQs

FAQ’s for both Evie and HOURCAR services are rebuilt for mobile-friendly accessibility to help answer your quickest questions.

We will continue to add to these pages as inquiries become more frequently asked. 

Insurance Card

In the rare event you are in a crash, you can now share proof of insurance in the app which includes a form to help you gather all required information. You will still find paper copies of necessary information in the glovebox. 

If you are ever in a crash, call 911 if needed, and then call Member Services after all information has been gathered and exchanged so we can help with next steps.

Fixed Issues:

Get Walking Directions for Upcoming Trips

For those using the Evie Carshare pilot app, any upcoming HOURCAR reservations did not include information about the hub location. The new app fixes this issue by giving an address and the option to open an external navigation app to direct you to the hub. For even more specific information, open the HOURCAR FAQ section and you’ll find even more specific information by selecting the hub location on the map. 

See how it works >>>

Random HOURCAR Hub Locations

Depending on the version of app that was on your phone, scrolling to see the next closest HOURCAR hub location wasn’t always sorted correctly. Now, all vehicles show in the order of the closest to the hub selected and available.

No Menu Scroll Bar

We received a lot of feedback from those who downloaded the Evie Carshare Pilot App around the Menu section not having a scroll bar on the side. The lack of the scroll bar made it confusing, as users didn’t know there were more menu items below. There is now a scroll bar on the right-hand side to help indicate there are more menu items to discover.  

What We're Working On (+ Known Issues):

App States Connot Connect / No Service

This is a common problem, but usually isn’t because of the app. This error commonly happens when your phone is trying to connect to a WiFi signal, like a coffee shop or a hotspot. This is easily fixed by turning off your WiFi and only using data, or by properly connecting to the hotspot. Depending on your phone model, you may need to close and re-open the app again to get full functionality restored. 

Calendar Function

Back in the days of yore, HOURCAR had a calendar function that allowed for members to view vehicle availability. Since then, we have made many upgrades that have required this functionality to operate. We are still working on this functionality for the HOURCAR service, and for those that have requested its return, we appreciate your patience while our technology provider works to build this out.

If you need assistance finding time for a specific vehicle or a certain time block for a vehicle in your neighborhood, call us and we can help schedule a trip. 

Additional Bugs/Issues

We will continue to develop the app to fix bugs and other issues, as well as develop new features. In order to reduce issues, we highly recommend that you turn on auto-updates on your phone so your app is always operating on the newest version. Should you come across any bugs/issues, please let us know at [email protected]

Coming Soon to Your Smartphone

We will be releasing our newest app on December 1, 2021. We highly encourage you to turn on auto-updates so your phone keeps up with the most updated apps and overall functionality. As always, if you need assistance, give us a call or send us an email, we’re always happy to help.