HOURCAR Announces 2023 Impact Report

2023 HOURCAR Impact Report News Post Photo

Minnesota-Based Nonprofit Announces Phenomenal Growth Across Transportation Network

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April 23, 2024 | Saint Paul, Minnesota: HOURCAR, America’s largest nonprofit carshare operator, today announces the release of its 2023 HOURCAR and Evie Carshare Impact Report. With detailed metrics, the report documents rapid growth in utilization of HOURCAR’s services in 2023, especially the utilization of electric vehicles. In 2023 alone, electric vehicle trips increased 126% YoY compared to 2022.

“HOURCARs unique community-based approach is at the heart of our success in growing our hub-based and free-floating services,” says Paul Schroeder, HOURCAR’s President and CEO. “This growth is truly a win-win. Users get better transportation options and lower transportation costs, and the community gets cleaner air and fewer vehicles on the road.”

The 2023 Impact Report highlights many accomplishments, including:

  • 90% trip increase across both services, exceeding 150,000 trips
  • 55% annual membership increase, exceeding 8,500 members
  • 5,098 metric ton greenhouse gas emission reduction

Now through May 31, 2024, community members can join for only $1 and receive three months of discounted trips on any individual Monthly Mobility Plan plus receive $50 Drive Credit. Learn more here

About HOURCAR: HOURCAR is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization serving diverse communities in Minnesota. Operating since 2005, HOURCAR connects communities with clean, equitable, and sustainable multimodal transportation. HOURCAR is the largest nonprofit carshare operator in the US, offering hub-based and free-floating carshare services for Minnesotan communities.