HOURCAR Announces Environmental Justice Project

Environmental Justice Photo

HOURCAR Announces Environmental Justice Project with Payne-Phalen Community Council, Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association, East Metro Strong: Goal to Improve Air Quality, Increase Sustainable Transportation, Reduce Pedestrian / Bicyclist Deaths, and More.

Environmental Justice Project

Today, HOURCAR announces a new and unique environmental justice project in partnership with Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association (PPNA), Payne-Phalen Community Council (PPCC) and East Metro Strong (EMS).  Funded by the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Environmental Justice Collaborative Problem Solving Grant, the scope of this work will increase environmental justice capacity within PPNA and PPCC, with a focus on improving air quality.  Primary goals of the work will increase electric vehicle carsharing usage by residents, reduce overall vehicle miles traveled on the major thoroughfares in the area, reduce harmful emissions from transportation, and reduce pedestrian and bicyclist deaths and injuries.  The broader outcome seeks to build capacity within each community to participate in, guide, and benefit from transportation decision-making. The scope of work will also expand outward into other related environmental justice areas.   

This project will include two new, full-time benefitted positions, housed within PPNA and PPCC. EMS will work with PPNA and PPCC to bring the concerns and priorities of the region’s largest employers to the table and, more broadly, to share solutions they develop with others, especially through EMS members. The results will include both community-led solutions as well as long-term resilience: new capacity in those communities to continue to respond environmental justice threats and challenges.  HOURCAR is the lead applicant and supports partners through project management and organization.  

Run Date:

Environmental Justice Project launched February 1, 2022 funded currently for two years.  

Organization Introductions:

East Metro Strong is a public-private partnership of businesses, cities and counties working together to bring more and better transit investment to the East Metro and catalyze job growth and economic development opportunities. 

HOURCAR is a nonprofit carshare organization serving communities in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and Rochester, whose goal is to increase equitable access to car sharing. 

Payne-Phalen Community Council is one of seventeen district councils in the City of Saint Paul, whose mission is to improve Payne-Phalen neighborhoods by engaging, educating, and empowering all residents in a diverse community. 

Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association serves community in South Minneapolis, working to enhance the quality of life in the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood by facilitating community engagement, embracing a diversity of voices, and fostering economic and community development.

For Further Contact:

East Metro Strong: Will Schroeer, [email protected]

HOURCAR: Shannon Crabtree, [email protected]

PPCC: Jack Byers, [email protected]

PPNA: Tabitha Montgomery, [email protected]