HOURCAR Announces First-Ever Community Engagement Report


It is with great excitement that we share HOURCARs Community Engagement Report. The report addresses barriers, findings, and recommendations for improving equitable access to electric vehicle carshare and electric charging infrastructure. This groundbreaking report represents over a year’s work of research and community engagement in the preparation of the launch of the EV Spot Network: a public-private partnership between HOURCAR, the Cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, and Xcel Energy. The report and the work it took to create it wouldn’t have been possible without our communities support.

Later this year, our partnership will begin installing 70 on-street electric charging hubs, supporting a fleet of 150 shared electric vehicles. The hubs will also be available for public charging. It is a top goal of this project to launch with a focus on equity and provide affordable rates for all income levels. The network will use only 100% renewable energy, directly addressing air quality levels within the Twin Cities. 

You can get a copy of the report and opt to stay informed of our community engagement at www.hourcar.org/community

For further information regarding this report, contact: 
Shannon Crabtree, HOURCAR Senior Planner & Community Development Manager, [email protected]