Meet Daniela S: Drive-time Music Aficionado

Daniela S (HOURCAR) Blog Image

Daniela S found relief and ease in joining HOURCAR, primarily for accessing medical appointments and grocery shopping. Previously relying on public transportation and rideshare services due to the high cost of vehicle ownership, Daniela appreciates how HOURCAR and Evie make essential errands more manageable. 

“It makes it much easier to get around to appointments as well as errands and activities,” Daniela acknowledges. 

The newfound freedom and independence from having access to a vehicle have significantly improved Daniela’s mental health and expanded her social opportunities. With various commitments scattered across the city, from medical appointments to grocery stores and movie theaters, Daniela relies on Evie to efficiently navigate her schedule.  

“One of my medical clinics is on top of a very large hill. In the warmer months, I am able to use a bicycle or scooter, but not in the winter. General grocery and other shopping errands allow me to buy more at one time than I would if I were taking transit,” Daniela explains. 

For Daniela, Evie represents more than just convenience; it symbolizes a small piece of freedom, especially on tough days. Prioritizing her health over other conveniences like car ownership, Daniela finds solace in the ability to access vehicles easily. “Having easier access to vehicles is so nice. It helps my mental health to be able to get a car and take a drive and enjoy music.” 

Daniela recommends Evie for its quick acceleration, smooth handling, and quiet ride, highlighting the surprisingly good sound systems that enhance her driving experience. “It’s great to connect my phone via Bluetooth and play my favorite music,” she adds, emphasizing the added comfort and enjoyment Evie brings to her journeys. 

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