Meet Evie: Electric Carshare for the Twin Cities

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Today, we welcomed pilot members to enjoy Evie Carshare on our first day of operations in the Twin Cities!

With nearly 50 vehicles ready for one-way trips across St Paul and Minneapolis, nearly 1,000 members have been invited to join us in our phase 1 pilot. Our phase 2 pilot will invite all approved HOURCAR members on August 23, 2021.

Evie brings forth the future of carsharing – all-electric, one-way, with prices by the minute, hour, or day. Most importantly is what Evie is a part of: the EV Spot Network. Brought to the region by the City of Saint Paul – in partnership with the City of Minneapolis, Xcel Energy, and HOURCAR – the EV Spot Network will support increased access to and use of electric vehicles.

Starting today, mobility in the Twin Cities has a whole new option of how to get around. Twin Cities: meet Evie!

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