Meet Peter S: A Car-Free Suburban

Peter S (HOURCAR) Blog Image

Peter Schmitt and his wife, Katie Jones, have embraced a car-free lifestyle in South Minneapolis for years, mastering the art of living without a personal vehicle while still enjoying the convenience of independent transportation through HOURCAR and Evie. 

Living car-free allows them to navigate a car-centric city comfortably, relying on public transit, biking, and walking for most of their daily travels. However, for certain trips, utilizing an HOURCAR or Evie proves to be the most efficient option. They appreciate the ease of accessing errands in the suburbs that would otherwise be inaccessible or challenging via bus or biking. 

One challenge they face is returning from out-of-town trips on Amtrak, which often arrives in St. Paul late at night when the light rail has stopped running. Evie becomes their safety blanket, ensuring a smooth journey home. Peter’s work occasionally requires driving around the state, and HOURCAR’s reservation system makes it convenient for him to continue living car-free. He finds HOURCAR to be a more economical and convenient option than renting or owning a car, especially for long-distance trips like driving to Grand Rapids and back in a day. 

Peter appreciates Evie’s electric vehicles, particularly the Chevy Bolt, for its ease of use and nimble handling. He values the single pedal option for electric vehicles, making driving intuitive and comfortable. Overall, Peter and Katie rely on HOURCAR and Evie to meet their transportation needs, recommending both services for their convenience, affordability, and environmental benefits. 

Whether it’s running errands, commuting to work, or returning from out-of-town trips, they trust HOURCAR and Evie to provide a reliable and sustainable solution.


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