Meet Punarbasu R: Regional Explorer

Punarbasu (HOURCAR) Blog Image

Punarbasu, an international graduate student at the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities campus, lives car-free and relies mostly on Metro Transit and walking to help him get around. Getting farther away from the University, especially for errands to his favorite grocery stores, visiting friends, and other recreational activities, he discovered Evie Carshare, which helps him explore the Twin Cities in ways he normally wouldn’t be able to.  

“I like to buy groceries from ethnic stores to prepare meals that remind me of home. Evie lets me go to these shops conveniently and carry a lot of my favorite items in one run.”  

Evie also helps Punarbasu save money by avoiding the higher-priced cab and ride-share services when walking or Metro Transit aren’t an option. The “growing network of Evie & HOURCAR ensures that I get a car when I need it.”  

As part of a student group on campus, Punarbasu helps organize two major events every year. Evie helps Punarbasu with event logistics, from shopping to transporting goods and guests, Evie makes it easier while also at an affordable price. Being able to live car-free as an international student, Evie helps Punarbasu save money by avoiding the costs of owning a car, including parking costs, maintenance, insurance, and fuel.  

As an added perk, Evie helps Punarbasu explore many of the amazing features that the Twin Cities has to offer, such as visiting the lakes and even hitting the water in a kayak.  

Punarbasu recommends Evie and HOURCAR services: “Big thanks to the staff for regular maintenance of the cars and always answering my phone calls very promptly whenever I need support. Also, the ability to park the cars in a variety of locations within the Home Area is a great advantage.”  

First time driving Evie? Punarbasu remembers his first-ever trip: “Evie is very easy to use and has very good handling. The first time I booked an Evie, it was for picking up my marathon bib for the Twin Cities Marathon from the expo at Saint Paul. That was also my first marathon, so my first Evie ride is tied to a very significant event of my life.”  

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