Meet Tim C: Electric Vehicle Enthusiast

Tim C (HOURCAR) Blog Image

Tim (Young Chol) is on a mission to get everything done as quickly and conveniently as possible. Living close to an electric HOURCAR hub, Tim can tackle the same tasks that car ownership typically provides, however, saves tons of money by using his nearby electric HOURCAR hub.

HOURCAR connects Tim to one of his favorite past times: giving friends a ride to the airport and picking them up from there as well:

“I love getting to MSP Airport and that view you can see on your way back from the airport on I-35W is what I loved the most about Minneapolis in the first place as I arrived at the airport back in summer 2022. One of my favorite memories with HOURCAR is that I can take my friends to the airport and pick them up to bring them home. I genuinely love those conversations that naturally emerge as I bring them to and from the airport.”

Access to electric HOURCAR and Evie Carshare vehicles help Tim better explore the Twin Cities, connect with friends, and conquer his essential needs while saving money. “I use electric HOURCAR for many different purposes; bulk-buying groceries at Costco, Whole Foods, Fresh Thyme, and Target.”

In his spare time, he loves grabbing an Evie from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus and watching some of his favorite sports teams play live. Since Evie includes the cost of metered parking, even at event parking rates, Tim takes Evie to Target Field to watch the Minnesota Twins and to Target Center to watch the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Tim recommends electric HOURCAR: “It’s fast and cost-efficient. Unlike other vehicles that use gasoline, the one I mainly use is electric (the 2023 Chevy Bolt) and I genuinely appreciate having that vehicle closest to my home. Only thing I need to do is charge the vehicle at the hub, and that’s it! How efficient? So fortunate to have two vehicles in the hub that is closest to my home.”

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