New Rates Coming August 16, 2021

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We are only a short time away from the introduction of Evie Carshare, an all-electric one-way network with trips by the minute, hour, and day. To add this additional service, we are making a few necessary updates to our PLUS benefits, pricing, and other features.

PLUS Standardization:

Based on your feedback, we are standardizing the PLUS option across the board. Currently, PLUS has minor variances on the rates between plans, so PLUS will now be standardized to function as a uniform upgrade to plans.

If you are on Everyday or Student plans, you can enroll in a PLUS plan for $5 per month at the end of your current 30-day period – see our instructions on how to switch between plans on our FAQ. PLUS benefits are included in the Adventure Plan and not available on the Try It Plan.

PLUS benefits will include:
• 100 additional miles on day trips
• Automatic Damage Fee Waiver, meaning if you’re in an accident, you won’t have to pay the at-fault damage fee.
• $0 Admin Fees (this does not include fines such as smoking, dirty vehicle, pet hair, etc.)

At-Fault Damage Fee Reduction:

Starting August 16, 2021, we will be reducing our at-fault damage fee from $2,000 to $1,000 for at-fault accidents. You can further this reduction to $0 by enrolling in a PLUS plan for $5 per month. Any member currently paying a $2,000 at-fault damage fee will be adjusted to a $1,000 fee starting on August 16, 2021. Any completed deductible payments cannot be refunded/adjusted.

New Rates:

To incorporate our new one-way service, we must reconfigure our plans. Most plans have very few changes or a decrease in prices, except for the Try-It Plan.  All trips completed on or after August 16 will be affected by this change. Below is a summary of all changes. View the new rates here.

  • Everyday hourly rate will decrease to $6.50 per hour
    •Everyday day rate will be the same as Everyday PLUS, both decreased to $48.75 per day
    •Try It day rates will increase to $75 per day, a $10 increase.  You can upgrade from the Try It Plan at any time for more affordable daily rates and hourly cost.

Additionally, over mileage rates will also be adjusted based on plan rates. Currently, any trip that exceeds its mileage limit is charged 40¢/mile. This is now adjusted based on your plan:

  • Try-It: 60¢/additional mile
    •Everyday & Everyday PLUS: 39¢/additional mile
    •Adventure PLUS, Student, & Student PLUS: 36¢/additional mile.

How Plans Work:

In the coming weeks, we will be announcing Evie Carshare rates and plans. Since Evie Carshare and HOURCAR will share the same backend, all HOURCAR members will automatically be Evie members, and vice versa. Current members will get the chance to access the service earlier than the general public, so keep your eye out for more details on how to opt-in soon.

  • Each HOURCAR plan will have a corresponding Evie plan. You will be automatically enrolled in the partnered Evie plan with no additional monthly fee.
  • You can change your plan every 30 days. Try It plan members can upgrade to any other plan at any time.
  • We highly recommend those on Try It using HOURCAR two or more times per month change to the Everyday plan, as this is cheaper than staying on the Try It plan. The Try It plan is truly designed for limited use or to hold your membership until you need to use a car.
  • If you are not on PLUS now, you should consider it. If you are excited for one-way trips, PLUS will be a huge benefit with long-term savings. Try It members do not have PLUS as an option, so you will have to transfer to another plan to add PLUS.

No Stopover Rates

When we transitioned to this new system and rate structure back in February, we thought that we would be able to offer stopover pricing to discount the cost while the car is not in use. We quickly discovered that these prices were not charging as expected due to the way round-trip billing is calculated. We thought this would be an easy fix, but after months of working, it was discovered stopover pricing can’t be implemented with the way the system is currently designed.

Due to this, we will unfortunately not have stopover rates moving forward. We are always conscious of affordability, which is why we lowered rates by about 40% back in February and have kept these rates low for our paid plans. We apologize that we will not have this feature as advertised.

We appreciate your membership and are looking forward to introducing more things for you in the coming months!