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All plans are charged a $25 One-Time Registration Fee. This fee covers the cost of processing your background check to meet our qualifications for membership.

Quick Plan Comparison

Student Membership Plan Rates and Reg Fee

•Day Rate: The maximum driving cost charged within a 24 hour period. The system will automatically bill for whichever is less expensive between per-hour cost and the day rate.

•Match Back Credit: Monthly drive credits that are applied to your account when the monthly subscription charges. Valid for 30 days and are automatically applied to drive costs.

*Included miles are per 24 hours.

Submit Your Application

We’ll process your application in one to three business days, ensure all drivers meet the membership qualifications, and send you welcome email with information on how to access cars. The application process is easiest through our app, but still accepted through our websiteStill have questions? We can help with that.