Meet Tim C: Electric Vehicle Enthusiast

Tim (Young Chol) is on a mission to get everything done as quickly and conveniently as possible. Living close to an electric HOURCAR hub, Tim can tackle the same tasks

Meet Punarbasu R: Regional Explorer

Punarbasu, an international graduate student at the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities campus, lives car-free and relies mostly on Metro Transit and walking to help him get around. Getting farther

Meet Daniela S: Drive-time Music Aficionado

Daniela S found relief and ease in joining HOURCAR, primarily for accessing medical appointments and grocery shopping. Previously relying on public transportation and rideshare services due to the high cost

Meet Peter S: A Car-Free Suburban

Peter Schmitt and his wife, Katie Jones, have embraced a car-free lifestyle in South Minneapolis for years, mastering the art of living without a personal vehicle while still enjoying the

Hola HOURCAR Hyundai Santa Cruz

Hola Hyundai Santa Cruz! The Hyundai Santa Cruz is based on the Hyundai Tucson SUV, reimagined into a pickup truck-like style. The Santa Cruz seats up to five people and

Electric HOURCAR Hub Switchup

Did you hear the news? Minnesota is the Midwest leader in electric vehicles! This aligns with our development focus, meaning select HOURCAR hubs are going to be converted to electric

Minnesota State Park Passes in All HOURCARs

You’ve asked and we’ve listened! Starting June 1, 2023, all HOURCAR vehicles will have a Minnesota State Park Pass installed on the front window, giving you access to our beautiful

2022 Impact Report

2022 Impact Report on the operations of HOURCAR, the Multifamily Project, and Evie Carshare REPORT May 25, 2023 (Saint Paul, Minnesota) – HOURCAR, Minnesota’s nonprofit carshare operator and largest nonprofit carshare