Electric HOURCAR Hub Switchup

2023 Bolt Prototype

Did you hear the news? Minnesota is the Midwest leader in electric vehicles! This aligns with our development focus, meaning select HOURCAR hubs are going to be converted to electric vehicles as we continue to gradually replace our gasoline-powered vehicles. In some cases, there will be a gasoline-powered (ICE) vehicle next to an electric vehicle, the relocation of an ICE hub to an electric one a few blocks away, or a complete swap from ICE to electric. 

Our first big steps are adding/replacing electric vehicles at Saint Paul’s TPT Ramp and opening an entirely new hub at the Minneapolis A Ramp. You can easily identify an electric vehicle by reading the vehicle’s name in the app or on the website (and hey, maybe you’ll be one of the first in our new 2023 Chevrolet Bolts!)

This process will begin mid-August, 2023, and will continue as we replace HOURCAR vehicles. Do you have a great location for an electric HOURCAR location? Let us know below.

*Requests for this do not include the Multifamily Project, which focuses on electric vehicles at low-income apartment buildings. Learn more and apply to be a Multifamily Site here