Refueling Your HOURCAR

Gas Refuel Image

All HOURCAR trips require that you end your trip with more than 1/4 tank of gas or charging, or you’ll be charged a totally avoidable $25 fee. For gasoline-powered vehicles, refueling your HOURCAR can earn you a $4 Drive Credit when you put five or more gallons of fuel in your vehicle.

Are you not driving on the Evie Carshare app? Give us a call and we can provide the Driver ID (PIN #) to you. 

Here's how:

  1. In the app, expand your current trip by pressing the gray arrow to bring up expanded options. 

2. Select the “Show PIN” option in the expanded key view.

This will only show on an active trip, you will not see this option ahead of or after your booking. 

3. Follow the fueling instructions in the app and select “Show PIN Code” to reveal the Driver ID Number. 

The gasoline pump may ask for additional information, including mileage of the vehicle. 

Only put regular gasoline in our vehicles. Diesel, E85 (biofuel), and others are not approved and may cause damage to the vehicle. 

Fuel cards are limited by total gallons and daily usage. Exceeding these values may cause for the WEX card to reject.  

NOTE: Small-branded gasoline stations may not accept WEX (our fleet card system). Please plan appropriately.