Updated Refueling Procedures

Gas Refuel Image

Update November 3, 2022: We will be releasing an app update November 9, 2022, which will allow for you to see the PIN (Driver ID) while on an active HOURCAR trip. Effective November 18, we will remove the refuel suspension period, meaning all vehicles with a fuel tank 1/4 full or less will be charged the $25 low-fuel fee. For those without the Evie Carshare App on their smartphone, you can still call us for the PIN on your trips.

August 17, 2022:

We are temporarily suspending the requirement for members to refuel their HOURCAR at the end of their trip, even if the tank is less than 25% full. In addition, we are also temporarily suspending the $25 low-fuel fee. Should you end your trip with less than 25% fuel in the car, you won’t get charged our low-fuel fee. That said, please let us know by sending a quick email if the tank is low so we can fill it up for the next member.

Starting August 17, the PIN/Driver Number for our fuel cards will no longer be located on the fuel cap. If you are out and about and want to refuel your HOURCAR, you will still find the fuel card in the glovebox of the vehicle. To get the PIN/Driver Number, give us a call at 612-343-2277. We’ll verify your information and give you the PIN number associated with the fuel card in your HOURCAR. Just like before, you’ll still get a $4 Drive Credit if you refuel five or more gallons during your trip.

If you’re in a rush and hate ‘hold music’, you can also refuel the car with your own credit/debit card and email us a photo of the receipt. We’ll reimburse you the cost of fuel in drive credit, valid towards your next trip(s) with Evie and/or HOURCAR.  

We’re currently working on an updated system for refueling vehicles. This is a temporary solution providing added security during this process.

Yup, powered on pure coffee. We have 24/7 local support, always ready to help. Sometimes we get really popular, so if you’re on hold, we appreciate your patience while we help out others.

Like a threat to a five-year-old making a funny face, you should know nothing stays the same forever. However, change is inevitable, so we are doing our best to make this transition a smooth one. We truly appreciate your patience and continued support.

You noticed those? Cool. Right now, you’ll find two Nissan Leafs in the Como Neighborhood at Maya Commons in Minneapolis. We are waiting for chargers to be delivered and installed, and once that happens, you will need to plug in the car at the end of your trip. In the meantime, our fleet team is swapping out low-charged cars with fully-charged cars to keep this location ready for your next trip. If you are out and about in these cars and/or on multi-day trips, we recommend the PlugShare App, which shows you chargers on your way to your destination.

Each electric HOURCAR includes EV Spot Charging cards to charge at blue EV Spot Charging locations around St Paul/Minneapolis as well as Chargepoint cards for those locations beyond MSP. If you’re charging outside of those two networks, you’ll have to use your own credit/debit card and send a receipt for reimbursement. Remember electric cars take longer to power up, so plan for extra time on your journey.