HOURCAR Releases 2021 Fall Census


On Wednesday, November 3, HOURCAR released its 2021 Fall Census to all members. The census will help HOURCAR work to achieve equity, inclusivity, and diversity targets for the Evie Carshare program.

As the only local, nonprofit carshare provider, HOURCAR has been working to transform the way the Twin Cities get around since 2005. We are committed to addressing equity, diversity, and inclusion in our services.  In 2019, HOURCAR partnered with the cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, in addition to others, in a unique effort to bring new all-electric vehicle infrastructure and shared vehicle program to the Twin Cities with goals of decreasing greenhouse gas emissions while increasing transportation equity.

In order to work toward these goals, which align with City of Saint Paul and Minneapolis equity targets, specific information is needed by you to help guide us in our initiatives. Our 2021Census includes five questions that will help us better understand the composition of current HOURCAR membership before we officially launch Evie Carshare in early 2022. Results of the census will be published on our website.  However, personal information is protected and will never be disclosed. Overall goals, data, and results can be found at hourcar.org/census/.

Achieving our goals greatly reduces operational costs, helping us keep our services affordable. The future of carshare is in your hands. The census will take an estimated 1-2 minutes and will close on November 20, 2021.