Meet the New Electric HOURCARs

Multifamily Leaf Concept right facing larger image-01

We’re excited to announce the launch of our Multifamily Project, introducing electric, hub-based carshare vehicles to the HOURCAR service. 

Chargers have been ordered and shipped and will begin arriving mid-September. Upon arrival, we will be launching new HOURCAR hubs at low-income and market-rate apartment buildings around the Twin Cities. Unlike gas-powered vehicles, at the end of your electric HOURCAR trip, you’ll find a super convenient charger, making it easy to plug in at the end of your trip so the next member starts with a full charge. 

We will launch six new hubs, each with one to two vehicles available for trips. These locations include: 

•Maya Commons / Brooks Ave Coop in the Como Neighborhood – Sept 23, 2022
•Timber and Tie in the North East Neighborhood –  Feb 1, 2023

Little Canada: 
•Garden View Terrace – Dec 19, 2022

•Seasons Park – March 1, 2023

St Louis Park:
•Via Sol – Q2 2023

•Blooming Meadows – Q1 2023

This first launch of properties will be driven by the 2022 Nissan Leaf, sponsored by Kline Nissan of Maplewood. Just like with Evies, these HOURCAR vehicles will be keyless, meaning you can begin, pause, and end your trip via the Evie Carshare App or with your registered Metro Transit GoTo Card. 

Learn More:

Ready to learn more about the Nissan Leaf? Check out our Trip Tips guide. 

Don’t forget at the end of each of your electric HOURCAR trips, you must leave the car plugged in and charging, no matter what the current charge level is. Failure to do so may result in a totally avoidable $25 fee.