Introducing Access PLUS: Our Lowest-Priced, Income-Based Plan with Self-Certification Requirements

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In January 2021, we reduced rates by nearly 40% on the HOURCAR service, but we didn’t stop there. In the weeks following, we shared our first-ever Community Engagement Report which announced major barriers to the use of carsharing within our Twin Cities community. Of these major findings, affordability resulted as a major barrier to address. As one way to address this barrier, we are excited to announce the release of our Access PLUS Plan, our lowest-priced plan, which will reduce our One-Time $25 Registration Fee (which covers the cost of a background check) to $1 (plus tax) .

To qualify for Access PLUS, members must self-certify that their household income is 50% or less of the Area Median Income. 

No paperwork or financial statements are required to be on the plan; the self-certification selection was designed to avoid many of the hassles normally associated with income-based programs.

Guidelines effective June 1, 2021, for Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and Bloomington MN. Source: NeighborWorks Home Partners 

Access PLUS Rates & Benefits

Access PLUS will feature our lowest rates, lowest monthly membership plan fee, will waive our One-Time $25 Registration Fee, and will include PLUS benefits. Access PLUS will be available to current and new members as a plan option starting December 1, 2021. 

PLUS benefits include a $1,000 at-fault damage fee waiver, expanded mileage per trip per day, and waived admin fees (such as ticket processing fees). 

Access PLUS

Self-Certification Required
$ 1 Monthly
  • PLUS? Included
  • $6 Monthly Match-Back Drive Credit
  • $6 / Hour
  • $45 / Day
  • 200 Miles / Trip / Day
  • 36¢ / Additional Mile

In order to be approved for the Access PLUS plan, all plan holders must self-certify that they meet the plan requirements. 

New members must select a self-certification box stating that the plan requirements are met based on household income during membership application and plan selection. 

All membership applications submitted before December 1, 2021, must self-certify online or respond via email when contacted by Member Services. Current Try It plan members can switch at anytime starting December 1st. Members on a paid plan can switch every month as the billing cycle renews. 

To make this change: 
•Switch to the Try It plan any time before the next billing date
•After the paid plan expires, select the Access PLUS plan after it goes live on December 1st.

We highly encourage all members who qualify for the Access PLUS plan to self-certify now. Any member who selects the Access PLUS plan without the self-certification completed will be contacted by Member Services for verification. 


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