HOURCAR is Operating an All-Electric, One-Way Service

The Twin Cities Electric Vehicle Mobility Network is a project being developed by the City of St Paul, City of Minneapolis, HOURCAR, and Xcel Energy. The project will create a network of 150 shared electric vehicles, supported by a network of 70 electric vehicle charging hubs throughout the Twin Cities, with a focus on equity. The project is currently scheduled to launch in the second half of 2021.

Car-Sharing Service:  HOURCAR will operate the car-sharing service. This car-sharing service will be charged on 100% renewable energy and will functionon a one-way, semi free-floating model. That means that you can pick up a car, drive where you need to go, and park the car on the street anywhere within the service area. If the vehicle is below a certain amount of charge, or it’s nearing overnight hours, you’ll be encouraged to return it to one of the charging hubs.

Electric Vehicle Charging Hubs The charging hubs will be located on public roadways throughout Saint Paul and Minneapolis and operated by the cities. Each charging hub will be available for users to plug in the shared electric vehicles, as well as for members of the public to charge privately-owned electric vehicles.

Saint Paul map of rough charging hub locations–subject to change

Minneapolis map of rough hub locations–subject to change

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